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We suspect that we are probably the only village fete in the country that can boast professional aerobatic displays during the course of their event!

We’re very lucky to have professional pilot Will Hosie living in the village who, while also acting as the chairman of the fete committee, is the organiser behind the air displays.

Our pilots this year are John Beattie, and Patrick Caruth, between them performing three 15 minute displays:

Our first display of the day is at 12pm is by professional pilot John Beattie. John has over 15,500 hours flying time and around 650 displays in various aircraft under his belt. He will be flying a British BAC Jet Provost for us on the day.

Following John at 3pm and 5pm will be professional pilot Patrick Caruth. He will be flying a Pitt’s S1 Biplane.

NB. Air Displays at Corfe Fete are planned, licensed and executed in strict accordance with CAA regulations.

All displays and timings are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.